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Yes, there is a competition...

Download a picture to do with Yellow Submarine and make it hilarious! You can add text, arrows, speech balloons... whatever you like! Or, you can post to this journal with your chosen picture and the rest of the joke (eg, what the characters are saying, or a caption) outside the picture. Whoever makes the most wet-your-underwear funny picture gets at least one icon of their favourite Yellow Submarine character. (You have to tell me what size and type it should be; for example, if you want and need a new userpic, it must be 100 x 100 and can be a JPG file.) Also, there may be at least one prize if you are extremely humorous, but not the winner. The competition closes on the 2nd of December, 2007, GMT+10:00, so you'd better do something very funny...

Here is one of my pictures:

A humorous Yellow Submarine picture made by me.

This is what the speech balloons say:

John: What do you think?

George: I think I fried me finger.

If you want a new Yellow Submarine icon, all that you have to do is

Also, I made a rude, but funny, picture...

Here is the non-child-friendly picture.

This is what it says:

John: Oh... thanks a lot for letting me shag yer, Paul.

Paul: Yeah, you're welcome. It was groovy. Ohh. That feels lovely.

Black Box: Censored! John is feeling up Paul's bits.

George: (thinking) I really wanna vomit.

Ringo: (thinking) Oh no! John doesn't like me!

If you're a Christian, you mayn't like this picture. Sorry.

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